Shooting Resources

Logbook – A reference and logbook in Excel format. If you need a printout then let Ian S know and one can be brought to a meeting.
-Created by Steve J

F Class Score Card – Downloadable PDF with 3 F Open/FTR Score cards per sheet.

Firearms Licensing
An article from Shooting and Conservation in PDF, Click here.

Gunsmith and Rifle Makers

RWS Engineering
Richard Stork – based in Devizes, Wiltshire
Mobile: 07972 308148 Please ring for an appointment
Website at

Richard Stork has offered good rates to Tidworth RPC club members so if you use his services, please give me your feedback.

Services Offered:
Helpfull, Practical Advice!
All aspects of gunsmithing work to Rifles and Shotguns
Function, safety, headspace, proof and bore condition checks
New Sporting Rifles built
Re-barreling for rifles
New barrels (chopper-lump) for shotguns
Sleeving of Shotguns
Trigger Work
Screw-cutting (barrels and mods)
Stock alterations and re-finishing
Mounts Fitted and alined (one-offs made)
Gun Storage
Guns Bought and Sold (both out-right and on commission)
Valuations for Insurance & Probate
Restricted Hand Guns Supplied (for humane killers)
Historic Pistols Suitable for Section 7(1) and 7(3) Supplied
Ammo supplied in bulk for Clubs
-Added by Ian S


Scope and Binocular Repairs 

Paul Burke
If you need any optics serviced or repaired then you could consider Paul Burke. He repaired my Japan Optics Limited 10-60 power scope that wouldn’t focus beyond 300 yards. He has also serviced and repaired a fogged up scope, total price including postage was £52.
His number is 0121 7881050 and is based in Birmingham.
-Added by Ian S