Probation Process

The club is currently open for new probationary members.

The general process is as follows:
We invite prospective members to one of our guest days and give them a chance to shoot in the competitions running that day. All guests must leave their full name and address which are passed to Wiltshire Police in order to comply with Home Office regulations.

The club has a range of firearms for use under supervision on guest days from .22LR to .308 and ammunition can be purchased for each competition. Typical ammo costs are:
50 rounds of .22LR =  £5:00
50 rounds of .38 Special = £15:00
20 rounds of .223 = £18.00
20 rounds of .308 = £20.00
Any unused ammunition is retained by the club armourer.

Guest fees at Old Sarum are £8.00. Member fees are £8.00 for Old Sarum and £10 for military ranges including Bisley National Shooting Centre.

After attending a guest day you can apply for probationary membership which will last 6 months and you must attend a minimum of 10 club shoots during that period which can include at least 1 trip to Bisley for long range training. This is a time of continual assessment and supervision. This time also allows the club committee members to get to know you and see if you will fit in. At the end of the probationary period you will be given a verbal safety exam. If you pass then the committee will vote to decide on giving an offer of full membership.

Probationary Membership Fee: £25.00
Full Membership Fee: £78.00

Once you are a full member, the club will support your application for a Firearms Certificate. Probationary members must not begin the application process until they are a FULL MEMBER of the club.

Disabled Access

Our club does not own its own range, we hire various ranges so cannot provide special provision to aid a disabled shooter. We do have several members with disabilities but you must be able to get up and down steps at the Old Sarum range as there is no access for wheel chairs.

How to apply
To apply for a place at a guest day, please use the Contact Us page.
The Club Secretary will then try to get in touch within 48 hours.

The probationers membership form can be downloaded here in PDF format.
A Probationers Guide is available here in PDF format.