Bisley Radio Messages


Message 0. Raise sighting targets
Message 1. Firing about to commence
Message 2.  No spotting disc visible
Message 3.  Spotting disc unmistakably disagrees with signalled value. Check the spotting disc shows last shot and signal its correct value*.  RCO is to view target before passing message.
Message 4. A shot has been fired but no signal has been made. Examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss.*
Message 5. Firer has challenged for a higher value for his shot.
Examine the whole target and signal the correct value*.
Message 6.  It is suspected that there is a second shot on the target. Inspect the target for a second shot. If found, mark and signal both shots. If not leave the spotting disc in the original hole*.
Message 7.   A miss has been signalled but firer has challenged for a scoring shot. Re-examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss*.

Message 8.  The spotting disc appears not to have moved. Butt Officer is to consult marker and confirm that the spotting disc is in the latest shot hole. If successive shots have been very close to each other the RO to be advised accordingly*.
Message 9.  Marking / shooting appears to be unduly slow.  Butt / Range Conducting Officer to check and correct where necessary.
Message 10.  Stand easy. Half-mast the target.
Message 11.  Blow off shots are about to be fired. Ensure that all targets are fully lowered until Message 1 is given.
Message 12. Stand easy, lower target, patch out and put target back up.
Message 13. Radio the number of hits as score board figures are not clear.
Message 14.  Firer has challenged his score. Re-examine the target and show the correct number and value of the shots*.
* The result of the message must also be confirmed by radio.