NRA Members Practice

Midweek Practise at Bisley

Next Date: Currently we are not running these. If people are interested then let us know.
Open to NRA members who are also full members of Tidworth RPC.

Contact Ian Smedley or Peter Kiy

Planned Dates:
Attendance Conditions
Open to all club members that are also full NRA members. If you wish to come, then contact the organiser at least a week before. If there is sufficient interest we will book a target for the afternoon as well depending on people’s preference and what is available.
At this time we can’t say how much it is going to cost, it depends how many come and whether we shoot in the afternoon as well, but I envisage it will be about £12 – £14 each for the whole day. No marker; we will have to do it ourselves.

1. You must be a full NRA member, this is not a Tidworth club event, but it is open to Tidworth club members only.
2. You must bring your own rifle(s) and ammunition, as we have said; it is not a club event so the club rifles and ammunition will not be available.
3. You must let us know you are going to be there a week before, so we can book for the afternoon as well if necessary.
4. You must bring your NRA membership card and Shooter certification card. Forget either of them and you will be a spectator for the day. You will be asked to see them when you arrive before someone from the NRA does. This is to cover the person who booked the target. No Exceptions.

If all goes well this will become a monthly event, we will book lanes on Century or Short Siberia according to what distance people wish to shoot. We need to set a regular day each month; probably the first Tuesday or Wednesday, opinions on this and other aspects of the practice days would be appreciated. Any questions then just ask

For contact details members need to log on to the site as we do not wish to put members details in public postings.

Contact Details – Members Only

1st November 2011 Shoot

6th December 2011 Shoot