Welcome To Tidworth Rifle and Pistol Club

The Club holds regular Fullbore Target, ‘F’ Class shoots at Bisley National Shooting Centre. Smallbore, Gallery Rifle and Black Powder shoots, including benchrest, precision and speed which are held on a 25m Barrack Range at Old Sarum.
Members travel, once a month, to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley to practise and shoot competitions, at the longer distances.
The Club permits the use of any firearm held on a member’s certificate, providing local Range regulations are adhered to. Some competitions, however, restrict the eligibility of the scoring. The Club holds centerfire and rimfire rifles for both target and sporting competitions, for use by our members and holds a maintained stock of ammunition.
The club enjoys affiliation to the National Rifle Association and to the National Shooting Centre.

Latest News

  • Ranges date through December 2019 are on the Meetings page.
  • Scores up to 22nd September 2019 are up on the Results page.
  • Competition instructions are on the under the Club Information menu item.
    We have 3 new .22 and CF comps being introduced called ME1 – 3. Instructions are on the Rimfire – CF Comps page.
  • If you want anything advertised for sale to club members, let Ian Smedley know.